Werribee Rd 2

31 Members hit the picturesque Werribee Golf Club on Sunday. The winner was Marko Tomasevic with a great Stableford score of 43 points. Coming in second was Marinko Pausak on 41 points and rounding of the podium placings was Bernie ‘Vice President’ Kozina on 38 points. Once again Anth Morrelli took the NAGA and has almost cemented the trophy with only two rounds under his belt. Nearest to pins were taken out by Miro Kurtovic, Tony Baban & Stevie Perin. Drivers were once again hot for Bernie Kozina & Miro Kurtovic. Hope to see you all at Clifton Springs on the 1 march at 7:30AM. Please ensure memberships are paid up if you want to be in the running for daily prizes. If the memberships are not paid up you are not eligible to win anything except the raffle on the day and your attendance will also not count towards your minimum 4 tournaments required to play the champ of champs if you qualify throughout the year. Until next time Happy Swinging!!!

Curlewis – Ivan Marks Round 1

Curlewis – 11 January 2015

Great start to the year with 32 people turning up to Curlewis for Round 1 of the 2015 season. Welcome to all our new and existing members.

At the end of the round, the top 3 were tied on 69 net and had to go into count back. Coming in first and taking out the 1st trophy of the year was Ivan Stosic. 2nd was Mark Vrljic and Ante Medved rounds out the top 3. NTP’s went to Branko Krstevski, Miro Kurtovic, Peretin JUNIOR and Vlado Tomasevic. Longest drives to Peretin JNR and Adrian Began. Anthony Morelli takes out the 1st NAGA of the year.

Our next tournament is on 8 Feb at Werribee, tee off @ 8am. Hope to see you all there.


2014 AGM and 2015 updates

First I would to thank everyone this year for playing in the Geelong Croatian social Golf club and a huge thank you to all out sponsors for 2014 which were

AHD Geelong (Dom)
P&T Plumbing
Statewide Ventilation
CIT Solutions
V&V concreting
Air Con Ezy
Aurum Finance
Bell Park Training
Frank Cosic

Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM a couple weeks ago. We have made some changes which I am listing below.

The new committee is as follows

Adrian Began (President)
Bernie Kozina ( Vice President)
Marinko Pausak (Treasurer and Club Captain)
Stipe Kump (Secretary)
Ivan Stosic (Handicapper)
Joe Cengic (Aus Cro representative and committee member)
Paul Scholz (Committee member)
Drago Pucko (Committee member)
Zdenko Novoselac (Committee member)

Other changes

Monthly Green Fees – The cost to play with the Geelong Croatian social golf club has increased from $35 to $40. This is due to the increase in green fees the golf courses are charging us.

Signature required – A signature will be required next to your handicap. You MUST sign the handicap sheet before starting your round to confirm you are playing and you have seen your handicap. If you do not sign the sheet, you will be ineligible to win any prizes and qualify for the finals.

Cro Open – The Cro open will change from a stableford format to a Par format.

Champ Of Champs – If a player is late to a tee off for the Champ of champs and his group has already tee’d off, he will be disqualified from the tournament.

Champ of Champs – In an event of a tie, the players which are equal leaders will play the 18th hole to determine the winner. The 18th hole will continue to be played until there is a winner. There will no longer be count back.

Vic Cro – The Geelong Croatian socila golf club will be hosting the Vic Cro this year. A date and venue is yet to be detemrined.

2015 Golf trip – The committee is planning a golf trip ( date and venue to be detemrined) for 2015. We will require at least 25 members to attend in order for the trip to go ahead. Similar to past years, we will subsidize some of the costs for the golf trip.

4 man Ambrose – We will try and incorporate a 4 man ambrose tournament in 2015 on a public holiday pending interest. The event will have no effect to your handicap nor will it qualify you for the finals. Just something for a bit of fun :) .

The schedule for 2015 is up on the website and make sure you all pop down to Curlewis on 11 Jan for our first tournament for 2015. Tee off @ 7:30am. This is the first round of the Ivan Marks and will be a stroke format.

Thanks again to all the members and sponsors for 2014. It was a Great year.


Champ of Champs Betting

The odds have been released for the champ of champs

Blairy, Bernie – $2.50
Kevric, Pucko – $4.50
Monx, Eerie – $6.00
Manners, Tyquin, Kumpi, Vrljic, Curly – $10.00
Lefty, Kukac – $16.00
Zdena, Tomo, Medved – $26.00

Place your bets!!!!!

Finals Fever

The Champ of Champ groups have been finalised. Below is the list of players and their groups.

Group 1
Brian Blair (Captain)
Dennis “Lefty” Juraga
Zdenko Novoselac

Group 2
Frank Kevric (Capain)
Troy Kukac
Stipe Kump
Tom Pausak

Group 3
Marinko “President” Pausak (Captain)
Mark Vrljic
Frank Cosic
Drago “mustard pants” Pucko

Group 4
Ivan Stosic (Captain)
Chris Tyquin
Bernie Kozina
Ante Medved

The Champ of Champs will be played at 13th Beach Creek Course on December 7th, 7:30am tee off. Cost is $50 and the club will cover any additional costs.

The hack of hacks will be played at Curlewis, tee off 7:30am. $35 for the round.

After the round, make your way to the dom where we will have a feed, a few drinks and a raffle.

Hope to see you all there.