Rd 2 Matchups GCSGC President’s Knock-out cup

Hi members,

Below are the match-ups for Round 2 that will be played in conjunction with the tournament this Sunday at the Lonsdale Golf Club – Tee off 7.30am.

Match 1 Steve Kunovic v Josip Peretin Snr

Match 2 Marinko Pausak v Danny Pucko

Match 3 Anthony Ivelja v Anthony Morelli

Match 4 Paul Miocic v Frank Cosic

Match 5 Marko Tomasevic v Vlado Tomasevic

Match 6 Adrian Began v Ante Sarcevic

Match 7 Zdenko Novoselac v Frank Kevric

Match 8 Steve Kump v Miro Kurtovic

Match 9 David Gurrie v Colin Thompson

Match 10 Luka Kovacevic v James Finch

Bye into round 3 Mark Vrljic


2017 Rd 5 30/4/17 Ballarat Golf Club

Hi members,

24 golfers knocked around in round 5 at the Ballarat golf club, conditions were good for attacking and some large scores were turned in. Paul ‘Chong’ Miocic took out the gold with a score of 44 points from Ante ‘Starman’ Sarcevic on 43 points. Adrian ‘Beges’ Began came in third on 42 points. Whilst Anthony ‘Antman’ Morelli tripped up and finished NAGA with a score of 27.

As for the 1st round of the knock-out cup 21 members in this competition tee’d off and as there were 24 spots available for round 2 at our next Tournament at the Lonsdale golf club all 21 get through. Keep an eye out for next round match-ups to be posted on the website – notable rd 1 K/O results:
Vrlic 3 & 1 over Kumpy
Age 6 & 5 over Col Thompson
Guz 4 & 3 over Morelli
Jimbo & Joe Peretin Snr All Square.
Ante Sar’s 5 & 4 over Zdena
Steve Kunovic 4 & 3 over Pres’
Walkovers for Pucko, Miro, Vlado, Marko, Veggie, Curly, Frankie, Chong and luka.

Our next tournament is at Lonsdale Golf course on the 21st of May – Tee-off is 7.30am – (Stableford).

Happy swinging,

GCSGC committee.

Venue Ballarat Golf Club
Winner – Miocic, Paul
2nd – Sarcevic, Ante
3rd – Began, Adrian
Naga – Morelli, Anthony
Nearest the Pin 1 – Kunovic, Steve
Nearest the Pin 2 – Ivelja, Anthony
Nearest the Pin 3 – Vrljic, Mark
Nearest the Pin 4 – Tomasevic, Vlado
Longest Drive 1 – Vrljic, Mark
Longest Drive 2 – Sarcevic, Ante
Who Qualifies – Miocic, Paul

2017 GCSGC Presidents Knock Out Cup

Hi Members,

Your GCSGC Committee is trialing a new tournament in 2017 – the President’s Knockout Cup.

This Tournament will be held over 6 stableford Tournaments in the remainder of the year. (Rd 1 – Ballarat, Rd 2 – Lonsdale, Rd 3 – Geelong, Rd 4 – East Geelong, Rd 5 – Queenscliff, Rd 6 – Bacchus Marsh)

Rules and Rd 1 match ups are as follows.

Knockout Cup Rules 2017
New event running con-currently across 6 Rounds

-Normal stableford scoring in a match play concept – winner of a hole is the player with the highest stableford score for that hole. (Mark card with initial of player who won the hole along with stableford scores). Match ends/conceded when there are not enough holes remaining to square the match ie 4 down 3 to play. ** Remember play out the round however as normal stableford tournament is running con-currently.

– Extra Holes required for tied matches – in a sudden death format.

– If opponent doesn’t show for particular round walk-over granted.

– If you do not finish your round walk-over/conceded victory granted to opponent.

– If neither player in a match-up plays in the round , the closest loser in that round will be granted a wildcard entry into the next round in place of the non playing members. If there is another match-up with no opponents the next closest loser will be granted a wildcard into the next round – etc.

– Rd 1 Winner of 19 Match-ups plus 5 Wildcards advance to round 2

– Rd 2 Winner of 12 Match-ups plus 4 Wildcards Advance to round 3 (round of 16)

– Rd 3 Winner of 8 Match-ups advance to Round 4 (Quarters)

– Rd 4 Winner of 4 Match-ups advance to Round 5 (Semis’s)

– Rd 5 Winner of 2 Match-ups advance to Round 6 (Final)

– Wildcards = Closest scoring loser.

Rd 1 Ballarat GC

Kunovic, Anthony v Krasic, Ivan

Timonowicz, Chris v Pucko, Danny

Rabar, Gino v Medved, Ante

Miocic, Paul v Levar, Mat

Svaljek, Tom v Tomasevic, Vlado

Tomasevic, Marko v Stosic, Ivan

Novoselac, Zdenko v Sarcevic, Ante

Pausak, Marinko v Kunovic, Steve

Morelli, Anthony v Gurrie, David

Kovacevic, Luka v Svaljek, Adam

Chalmers, Derek v Jukic, David

Peretin jnr, Josip v Ivelja, Anthony

Stocki, Daniel v Cosic, Frank

Vrljic, Mark v Kump, Stipe

Krstevski, Branko v Cengic, Joe

Finch, James v Peretin sen, Josip

Kurtovic, Miro v Matijevic, Branko

Blair, Brian v Kevric, Frank

Thompson, Colin v Began, Adrian

2017 Rd 4 2/4/17 Round 1 Ivan Marks – The Sands

Hi members,

Only 16 hit off in perfect conditions in round 4 at the The Sands golf course in Torquay numbers were down but on the positive side MVP points for all. Round 4 is the first of 3 rounds at the Sands to decide the 2017 Ivan Marks, it is a tough course to play stroke on as any shot gained can be quickly given back with interest on subsequent holes. Ante ‘Aircon Ezy’ Sarcevic trumped the day to finish with a net 71, 5 shots clear of second Frank ‘Curly’ Cosic on 76 who beat Guz David Gurrie into third on countback. Danny Pucko was the first to fall foul of the new Naga rule, dubbed the ‘Pucko Policy’ by some members were a DNF slots into last.

Our next tournament is at The Ballarat Golf course on the 30th of April – Tee-off is 7.30am Stableford.

Note this tournament is slated as Rd 1 of a new tournament ‘The Knockout Cup’. Rules and matchups can be found on this website and the Team App.

Happy swinging,

GCSGC committee.

Venue – The Sands ( Ivan Marks Rd 1)
Winner – Sarcevic, Ante
2nd – Cosic, Frank
3rd – Gurrie, David
Naga – Pucko, Danny
Nearest the Pin 1 – Cosic, Frank
Nearest the Pin 2
Nearest the Pin 3 – Gurrie, David
Nearest the Pin 4 – Kovacevic, Luka
Longest Drive 1 – Sarcevic, Ante
Longest Drive 2 – Pucko, Danny
Who Qualifies – Sarcevic, Ante

2017 Rd 3 19/3/17 RACV Torquay

Hi members,

29 golfers hit off in round 3 at the RACV Torquay golf course, conditions were perfect for golf no wind and low twenty temps. Mark ‘Mr pressure’ Vrljic sunk a down hill birdie putt on the last to finish with a spanking score of 40 points to take out the tourney from Paul ‘Long Chong’ Miocic on 39 points, welcome back Paul good to see you with clubs in hand again. Rounding out the placings for RACV Torquay tournament was Anthony Ivelja on 35 points – countback from numerous scores of 35. The pink rock for Naga went with our president Marinko Pausak to his dark place.

Our next tournament is at The Sands Torquay Golf course on the 2nd of April – Tee-off is 7.45am – Rd 1 Ivan Marks (Stroke).

****Reminder payment is due for our Golf Trip to Cobram Barooga 8-9th of July**** Don’t miss out come along and participate in the 2017 Cro Open. 2 Days Golf, Accomodation and meal vouchers all for the very cheap rates listed below-
**** $50 non bus or $80 with Bus – we need to confirm numbers with the course ASAP.

Happy swinging,

GCSGC committee.

Venue RACV Torquay
Winner – Vrljic, Mark
2nd – Miocic, Paul
3rd – Ivelja, Anthony
Naga – Pausak, Marinko
Nearest the Pin 1 – Miocic, Paul
Nearest the Pin 2 – Chalmers, Derek
Nearest the Pin 3 – Chalmers, Derek
Nearest the Pin 4 – Pucko, Danny
Longest Drive 1 – Miocic, Paul
Longest Drive 2 – Kevric, Frank
Who Qualifies – Vrljic, Mark