Torquay RACV

Website has been updated and the results are below

Winner – Adrian Began
2nd – Luka Kovacevic
3rd – Miro Kurtovic

NTP – P. Miocic, I. Stosic, A. Sarcevic, D. Miocic

LD – M Tomasevic, A. Sarcevic

NAGA – V Tomasevic

Adrian began Qualifies for the champ of champs and is the Cro Open winner.

Next tournament is Sunday 28 June at East Geelong, 7:30am start, Stableford


Barwon Valley

Winner – Vlado Tomasevic
2nd – Adrien Began
3rd – Mark Vrlic
Nearest the Pin – Miro Kurtovic, Adrien Began, Troy Kukac, Vlado Tomasevic
Longest Drive – Troy Kukac, Frank Kevric
NAGA – Chris Timonowicz

Point Lonsdale

Website is updated form Pt. Lonsdale

Culewis Round 4 (Ivan marks rd 2)

The second Ivan marks stroke tournament was played at Curlewis on the 29 March. Finally putting together a round to be remembered was Frank ‘Curly’ Cosic with a superb 68 net. His round included two birdies and a nearest to pin. Second place went to Ivan ‘Bangkok’ Stosic continuing his great form in this years stroke events with a 69 net. Rounding off the top three was Paul ‘Chong’ Miocic, that routine before every shot is one for the ages :) Nearest to pins were taken out bu Frank Cosic, Miro Kurtovic, Paul Miocic & Stevie Perin respectively, while the Longest drives went to Manolito Fernandez & Mark ‘Puska’ Vrljic. Denis ‘Lefty’ Juraga took home the NAGA. We look forward to seeing you all at Point Lonsdale on the 19 April. Until then Happy Swinging.

Clifton Springs

Clifton Springs GC was the Venue of choice for Round 3 of the GCSGC. Marko Tomasevic went back to back with a another superb score of 41 Stableford points. Bernie Kozina came in second (40 points) therefore securing his qualification for the Champ of Champs in December. Branko Matijevic rounded of the podium positions (also with 40 points). Nearest the pins went to David Jukic, Steve Kunovic, Adam Fazio & Zdenko Novoselac. Long hitters for the day were Jake Gunjaca & Troy Kukac. Anth Morelli has almost certainly sewn up the NAGA for the year with another one this month. Look at the positives Anth the only way is up, stick at it mate. Next tourney is at Curlewis on Sunday 29 March 7:30 tee off. This is the second stroke event of the year and could very well decide the Ivan Marks Trophy. Until then Happy Swinging.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have had a few members asking why their social club handicap is more than 2 strokes off their official handicap. Please know that if we do not have your golf link number we can not adjust you social handicap. Over the next few tournaments we will attach a sheet of paper to your scorecard and if any player would like to have their social handicap adjusted to + or – 2, you will need o fill out the sheet and submit it with your scorecard at the end. One thing to remember is that we the committee are not mind readers and every player has the responsibility to play within 2 shots of their official handicap. Also we would ask if your official handicap does change in the future, please note it on the scorecard so we can adjust it accordingly. Thank you – Committee