2017 Rd 8 – 8 & 9/7/17 Cobram/Barooga Golf Club – Cro Open

Hi members,

This year the Cro Open was played on the Murray at the Cobram/Barooga Golf club. The bus set off early from the Dom and the rakija was passed around from just past Lara. Day 1 longest drive has to go to the breakdown boys Col Thompson and Dave Gurrie – Col tried to go the journey on $5 of Gas – that would have been a feat. At least they got some practice chipping done in the rough alongside the Hume. Drizzly conditions greeted us for Day 1 and scoring was tough on the long West course, so it was only fitting that the Big Bomber Brian Blair took the club house lead on 33 points. Chong Miocic was sitting second on 32 points and after his unorthodox start to the day Dave ‘Guz’ Gurrie had turned in a score of 30 and was sitting in third. We lost a couple of golfers before teeing off for the second day on the Old Course, Sasa Simunic decided to beat the traffic and took off for home in the middle of the night whilst Adrian ‘Air Guitar’ Began preferred to hug his pillow than swing the wrenches; thus they were both DQ’d and shared the NAGA for the tournament (Golf trips require stamina boys). Foggy conditions greeted many golfers and I am not just talking about the weather, so it was a good effort to see so many improved scores in round 2. Paul Miocic took out the day with a score of 33 and won the 2017 Cro Open with an aggregate total of 65, welldone Chong (2 days of golf with scores of 30 up). Dave ‘Dangerous’ Juric was consistent across the two days scoring a 29 and a 33 to finish overall second on 62 points; Dave now qualify’s for the Champs. Day 1 leader Brian ‘Blairy’ turned in a second round 28 to finish with a total of 61 points in third place. With the bus loaded to the roof with golf clubs we were cheered off on our homeward journey by local band reviewer/golf stalking zombie Janet as she chased the bus done the main street concluding another fun filled GCSGC golf trip.

A big thank-you to the Bus driver Luka K, the commitee of organisers, especially Steve ‘Kumpy’ Kump – promise I’ll join your bus quaddie club next time, but we are taking the field in the first.

Our next tournament is at The Geelong Golf course on the 30th of July – Tee-off is 7.30am – (Stableford event) – which will be followed by a BBQ provided by 2017 sponsor The Sphinx Hotel.

Round 9 at the Geelong Golf club will incorporate the next round of the President’s Knock-out Cup. (finally we might see some knock outs as we whittle down the numbers; match-ups are as follows:

Match 1’Hungry Man’ Anth Morelli v ‘M.O.N.X.’ Marinko Pausak
Match 2 Danny ‘Toga Boy’ Pucko v Jimbo ‘Keno Club chairman’ Finch
Match 3 Dave ‘Gus’ Gurrie v Steve ‘Kuna’ Kunovic
Match 4 Mark ‘Hodgey you complete me’ Vrljic v Frank ‘I keep my beef jerky in my pillow’ Kevric
Match 5 Luka ‘card carrying member of the woolen vest Club’ kovacevic v Vlado ‘Mr Concrete’ Tomasevic
Match 6 Ante ‘card carrying member of the woolen vest Club’ Sarcevic v Steve ‘lets get a syndicate going’ Kump
Bye into the Quarter’s Age ‘Captain Snooze’ Began

Rd 9 results
Venue – Cobram/Barooga Golf Club
Winner – Miocic, Paul
2nd – Jukic, David
3rd – Blair, Brian
Naga – Began, Adrian & Simunic, Sasa
Nearest the Pin 1 – Tomasevic, Marko & Sarcevic, Ante
Nearest the Pin 2 – Jukic, David
Nearest the Pin 3 – Stocki, Daniel
Nearest the Pin 4 – Thompson, Colin
Longest Drive 1 – Blair, Brian x 2
Longest Drive 2 – Miocic, Paul & Pucko, Danny
Who Qualifies – Jukic, David

Happy swinging,

GCSGC committee.

GCSGC Golf Trip 2017 Cobram Barooga GC Sat 8/7/17 – Mon 10/7/17

Cobram Barooga GC ⛳️
Sat 8/07/2017 – Mon 10/07/2017

Sat T off-: 11:45 am Old course
Sun T off-: 8:45 am West course


( combined scores over 2 days )

Members travelling on the bus-:
Ante Sarcevic
Adrian Began
Stipe Kump
James finch
Dave jukic
Luka kovacevic
Anthony morelli
Marinko pausak
Danny pucko
Chris timonowicz
Gino Rabar
Frank Kevric
Brian Blair
Daniel Stocki
Mark Vrljic
( please meet at the Croatian Dom Sepo St, Sat at 5:40am & be ready to leave at 6am SHARP)

Members Driving /Carpooling

Anthony Kunovic,
David Gurrie,
Steve kunovic,
Miro kurtovic,
Branko matijevic,
Paul miocic,
Colin Thompson,
Marko Tomasevic,
Vlado tomasevic.
Father Luka
Saša Simunič
D Chalmers

Total of 27 playing & Staying at Cobram Barooga Golf resort.
Package includes-:
On Course Accommodation
2 days Golfing
Full breakfast
$15 meal voucher
Motorised carts
Club facilities- pool, spa, gym ect…

Any further questions please
Contact -:
Stipe Kump 0408395395
Marinko Pausak 0402283007

Results 2017 Rd 7 – 18/6/17 Sands Golf Club Rd 2 Ivan Marks

Hi members,

18 Members tee’d it up for round 2 of the Ivan Marks tournament at the Sands. David ‘Guz’ Gurrie took the honours with a net score of 75. Marinko ‘Power Ranger’ Pausak came in second with a net 77 on countback from the ‘Italian stallion’ Anth Morelli. Vlado ‘Mr Concrete’ Tomasevic and Branko ‘Branks’ Matijevic DQ’d themselves and thus take home the Naga award for this round. As Guz has already qualified for the champs Monx slips into the final to be held at Port in Dec.

Our next tournament is incorporated into our Golf trip at the Cobram Barooga Golf course on the 8th & 9th of July – Tee-off 11.45am Day 1 Old Course – Tee-off 8.45am Day 2 West Course (Stableford event Combined scores over the 2 Days)

Venue – The Sands
Winner – Gurrie, David
2nd – Pausak, Marinko
3rd – Morelli, Anthony
Naga – Matijevic, Branko & Tomasevic, Vlado
Nearest the Pin 1 – Kovacevic, Luka
Nearest the Pin 2 – Tomasevic, Marko
Nearest the Pin 3 – Pausak, Marinko
Nearest the Pin 4 – Tomasevic, Marko
Longest Drive 1 – Kovacevic, Luka
Longest Drive 2 – Pausak, Marinko
Who Qualifies – Pausak, Marinko

Happy swinging,

GCSGC committee.

2017 Rd 6 – 21/5/17 Lonsdale Golf Club

Hi members,

Only a low number of golfers hit off in Round 6 at the Lonsdale golf course, 16 in total. David ‘Guz’ Gurrie got back to into the winners circle with a score of 37. Dave ‘Junkyard’ Jukic came in second on 35 points whilst Adrian ‘Atom Bomb’ Began came in third with 33 points. Vlado ‘Mr Concrete’ Tomasevic took out his first pink rock of the year for NAGA – better luck next time Vlado.

As for the 2nd round of the knock-out cup 12 members in this competition tee’d off and as there were 16 spots available for round 3 at our next local stableford Tournament at the Geelong golf club all 12 get through to join Mark Vrljic who had a bye in the next round. Keep an eye out for next round match-ups to be posted on the website – notable rd 2 K/O results:

Pucko 2 up over Monx
Age 6 & 5 over Ante Sar’s
Luka 2 & 1 over Finchy
Walkovers for Steve Kunovic, Morelli, Vlado, Frankie, Guz and Kumpy.

Our next tournament is at The Sands Golf course on the 18th of June – Tee-off is 7.45am – (Stroke) Rd 2 Ivan Marks.

Venue – Lonsdale
Winner – Gurrie, David
2nd – Jukic, David
3rd – Began, Adrian
Naga – Tomasevic, Vlado
Nearest the Pin 1
Nearest the Pin 2 – Pausak, Marinko
Nearest the Pin 3 – Began, Adrian
Nearest the Pin 4 – Timonowicz, Chris
Longest Drive 1 – Pausak, Marinko
Longest Drive 2 – Began, Adrian
Who Qualifies – Gurrie, David

Happy swinging,

GCSGC committee.

Rd 2 Matchups GCSGC President’s Knock-out cup

Hi members,

Below are the match-ups for Round 2 that will be played in conjunction with the tournament this Sunday at the Lonsdale Golf Club – Tee off 7.30am.

Match 1 Steve Kunovic v Josip Peretin Snr

Match 2 Marinko Pausak v Danny Pucko

Match 3 Anthony Ivelja v Anthony Morelli

Match 4 Paul Miocic v Frank Cosic

Match 5 Marko Tomasevic v Vlado Tomasevic

Match 6 Adrian Began v Ante Sarcevic

Match 7 Zdenko Novoselac v Frank Kevric

Match 8 Steve Kump v Miro Kurtovic

Match 9 David Gurrie v Colin Thompson

Match 10 Luka Kovacevic v James Finch

Bye into round 3 Mark Vrljic