Club Rules

* Players must play a minimum of 4 rounds to qualify for the end of year finals .
* Social Handicaps are calculated on a average of the best eight handicap played to rounds in the last 20 rounds golfer has played multiplied by 0.93. (replicating Golflink)
*Players with an official Golflink handicap must play off their golf link handicap. ## Note there is to be no sloping of golflink handicaps for GCSGC tournaments – your golflink handicap is the handicap you play on the day.
*Count back system will work as follows . Countback will be determined using the back nine of the card not the actual back nine played . If no result is achieved than it will go to the last 6 holes , 3 holes and finally 1 hole at a time beginning with the 18th and working our way back .
*Disputes will be dealt with on the day of the tounament with the committee having the final say .

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