Groupings for the Champ of Champs – Hacks/Breakup details


This Sunday the 3/12/17 concludes our 2017 Golfing year with the Championships at Portarlington Golf Course – Tee Off 7am (Stroke event) $50 green fee (includes cart) – whilst the rest of us will play the Hack of Hacks at Geelong Golf Course tee off 7.30am (Stableford event) $50 Green fee. These events will be followed by our annual break-up at the AHD Dom 93 Separation St, Bell Park from 2pm. Please come along and celebrate the year together – partners and families most welcome.

Championship Groups and HC as follows:

Group 1
Paul Miocic – 10.6
Danny Pucko – 17.5
Marinko Pausak – 9.7
David Jukic – 24.0

Group 2
Dave Gurrie – 7.3
Frank Cosic – 11.3
Adrian Began – 12.4
Miro Kurtovic – 10.8

Group 3
Branko Krstevski – 8.0
Mark Vrljic – 11.6
Steve Kump – 11.9
Anthony Morelli – 25.2

Group 4
Brian Blair – 3.8
Colin Thompson – 10.4
Steve Kunovic – 13.2
Ante Sarcevic – 16.1

Goodluck to all participants – happy swinging.

GCSGC Committee.

8 thoughts on “Groupings for the Champ of Champs – Hacks/Breakup details”

  1. We have officially released the odds for Sundays’s Event

    $1.90 Marinko Pausak, Anthony Morelli , Steve Kump
    $3.50 Brian Blair, Adrian Began
    $8.00 Paul Miocic, Dave Gurrie, David Jukic
    $16.00 Miro Kurtovic, Branko Krstevski, Mark Vrljic, Ante Sarcevic,Colin Thompson, Steve Kunovic
    $54.00 Danny Pucko, Frank Cosic

  2. Time for TAB sports bet to wind in the odds on Steve Kump (he loves to slop) and Mark Vrljic (his mother was a mudder, his father was a mudder and even his brother was a mudder). Began no chance in the rain add liquid and he fizzes like a table spoon of Metamucil.

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